Can't Kill This

BLU-RAY, DVD & DIGITAL HD | February 25, 2020





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DVD Contest Giveaway!

Yes! We’re giving away a FREE copy of CAN’T KILL THIS (DVD or Blu-Ray, your choice) to a…


Can’t Kill This (aka Fuck You Immortality) – Coming February 25th, 2020

Update your agendas! Fuck You Immortality is getting a title update for the US and…


Get Ready For The Be Afraid Horror Fest

Federico Scargiali, writer and director of our new movie Fuck You Immortality, has just launched a new Horror Festival that…


We’re in Cannes, let’s meet!

We’ll be four full days in Cannes, let’s meet! We have new film projects coming up, don’t be…


Fuck You Immortality Italian festival premiere

We’re very pleased to announce that our first production Fuck You Immortality will be…


Dread Central Gives a Suitably NSFW to Fuck You Immortality

Federico Scargiali’s Fuck You Immortality new teaser trailer has been reviewed by Dread…


Welcome to the New Creepmaker Website !

We are proud to announce the launch of our new website, we’re excited to introduce you to the…

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